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Sexy touch game demo in HD!

We’re happy to announce that there has been a new free 3d game demo added at somasex.com. There are some exciting new additions to this version of the touch game, first of which is that it is completely free and available for play in your web browser. You will need the unity web plug in, but its free and simple to add. Once you have that you will be able to check out everything that we’ve been working on for our new game series. Feel free to add any comments about the demo that will help us improve the game features.

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New realtime boobplay cybergirl!

A near alpha version of the realtime breast bounce system. We will continue to improve this system and might show some more demos of this system as it develops. The animation cycle is whak, but that what you get when game developers animate. this ones for you drudge.

Currently, you can zoom the camera out a bit and grab the “boob beater”. Once the girl stops walking you can get a good idea of the beater effect. Comment on any other types of control you want over the breasts. Personally, I’m a big fan of the disembodied hand which can grope everything. I think this idea would be greatly improved if had a zombie hand. I’m really big on zombie rape recently. I think it’s the best. This simple technology will help us to deliver an even more realistic virtual performance system. In this example, the animation is completely keyframed in an external application.

This camera is setup like a 3d modeling control. So alt – left / right click and scrollwheel do stuff. They do not do it well. ;)

Ed: Get in line ladies!

Your web browser require the Unity 3d Web Player. This is not spyware or anything weird, it’s just a 3d web component like flash. It can be downloaded officially from the Unity Labs here:

Unity Web Player

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Cutie 3D Free Online Demo

Cutie3D now has an amazing online demo you can play for free! All you need in the free Unity 3D webplayer and you can load up the game in your web browser.

Cutie 3D Free Demo


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World of Junny Illustration Art

The amazing artwork of Junny is my great find today. This unique artist uses more traditionally based media to create a fantastic painterly effect that has much appeal. You’ll have to scan through his extensive site to find all the dirty centerfolds, but they are in there. He has a great sense of costume and the girls either with or without them look great. He spends just as much time on the futuristic backgrounds and settings as he does the look and feel of the model themselves. Great Work, check it out!


Anime Babes

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Video Games, Now With Virtua Nags

Gamers — would you pay to play video games with a cute girl?

A new social service is betting on it.

GameCrush.com launched today with a platform ready to charge “Players” $8.25 for six to 10 minutes of chat enabled game time with one of 1,200 female “PlayDates.”


“GameCrush says it modeled its pricing structure after the cost of buying a girl a drink at a bar,” read a preview article on gaming site IGN. “In a bar, you’re basically buying the opportunity to chat a girl up. “GameCrush is hoping players will look at their service the same way.”

If the service is a bar, it’s always Ladies’ Night — and then some. Not only do female PlayDates sign up for free; the site promises them “$30 an hour or more” to play.

After the game, Players can rate PlayDates on hotness, gaming skills and flirtatiousness. Women set their gaming modes to either “flirty” or “dirty” when they sign up, so yeah — this is an 18-and-over site.

But not everyone is convinced it’s grown up.

“The existence of GameCrush, and the fact that there could be a market for something like this, is simultaneously pathetic and awesome,” wrote the blog Consumerist in a post titled, “Since Phone Sex Exists, Why Not Xbox Live Sex?.”

“Buying girls’ attention? Isn’t there a word for that?” reads the subhead of a story on TechRadar.com.

The gaming matching service will support Xbox 360 games Modern Warfare 2, Gears of War 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Halo 3 starting Tuesday, IGN reports. Games on other systems are apparently on their way.

Check Out Gamecrush Here

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RGB Girls seceret hardcore gallery imageOne of the most renowned 3D artists from Japan, RGB Girls has given 3dSexBlog exclusive access to a all new hardcore gallery of thier original stills. Be sure to check out this link before this great artist becomes so popular that he is forced to make these images for members only. Check the link here.

RGB Girls

sexy 3D Images from RGB Girls

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Foxtrot 3D makes a lot of Big Boobs

A new subscription based website has made the scene called Foxtrot 3D. already distributing issue 2, this new webzine promises to parade out an ever-expanding array of sexy 3D models for your arousal. Keen on the menu is some of the largest breasts that you’ll see this side of the golden globes. Check out all the new webisodes and hot 3D sluts at Foxtrot 3D.

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With the glut of so called “interactive” sex games it seems that there is little room for growth. The hope for the future of sex in games has been burdened by technology that lacks gusto and game design that prevents complete user interactivity and limits the playtime and goals defined by these games. Somavision has foreseen these problems and is making advances to move adult gaming in a new and interesting direction. Over a decade has passed since the gaming world’s newest category, first person shooters, was developed.

Now using the latest technology Somavision ispleased to announce the latest FPS move 
forward, Adult XXX FPS. The first Somavision FPS title, currently called “Sex Station 7” is in line to be the world’s first ever X rated First Person Shooter. The game will feature all of the technological advancements that have been made popular by the group, including advanced non player character artificial intelligence, light and normal mapping, and player involved quests and an immersive storyline. Somavision’s goal in completing such a title is simple. “We were interested in creating a more involving storyline that would involve the player while still maintaining or roots in adult entertainment.”, states SomaVision designer Alain Watts.

Using advanced storytelling similar to games like Half-Life and Gears of War, this newest versionof the Somavision gaming division is sure to deliver something that adult games have not been able to being to the table before. “We’re expecting that each game will take at least 25 hours to play through, it’s going to be a much more hardcore gaming experience.” says Watts. The proof is in the details, and as you can see the game is coming together nicely in these exclusive screenshots that have been provided from the current running version of this exciting software. The details are still being kept under wraps, but the games story involves an epsilon mercenary who is trapped in the lower levels of a supply station on the outer reaches of a barren planet. Left for dead it’s your job to make your way to the surface and find a way to escape to an inhabited orbiting colony. Along the way you find out more about why the station is being abandoned and begin to witness the extreme sexual manifestations of the station crew as the situation becomes more desperate.

New scenes play out around every corner and you never know what type of perverse sexual display you might walk in on. Even more bizarre is when the characters themselves approach you, asking for your assistance to help them achieve their explicit goals. Each desicion that you make will effect the outcome and future actions of the crew in the future.

Its clear when such news develops that there are many new areas that adult gaming still has to improve. Somavision continued to push the boundaries of what will interest players as they become more sophisticated and more demanding of their overall gaming experience.

A new push toward more involving story based gaming and longer play times will certainly help in directing what the future of adult gaming has in store. “If this initial release is successful we have several more titles in line”, says Watts.The details of those titles are not being disclosed, but rest assured that is they being to approach the sophistication and imagination of this first title, they are something that we think many players will be eagerly awaiting. It’s been almost a decade since we first fell in love with first personal games, and now we can fall in love with them all over again in a new way.

How exactly these two types of games will combine is uncertain, but we are sure that the final product will be something that we’ve never seen before. That alone is reason to keep posted on this exciting development in the future gaming space. The first adult FPS title, “Sex Station 7” is now available.

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Sex in the Villa 2

The Sexvilla series is around for quite some time now and the “3D sexvilla 2” is the latest version of the game, also known as “3D sex games”. The focus of the developer has always been heavily on content, quite logical for a subscription based game, and in the this version they extend this concept even more.

The big difference this time is that the content ( animations, models etc.. ) are not solely provided by the studio’s artists, but by the users themselves as well. The game provides many tools for making your own animations and it’s even possible to import poses and animations from popular 3D programs like Poser and Daz. I’m not sure if this feature will appeal to the average gamer, however if you ever wanted to create your own virtual sex it’s a neat option, greatly improving the replay value of the game.

Overall Sexvilla 2 is an interesting piece of software, loads of provided content and a nice toolset to create your own stuff. Having that said, the game could use some more atmosphere, everything looks kinda clinical and the scenery is rather flat. I hope they are able to give the villa series a visual upgrade in the future which would greatly improve the erotic experience.

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Heavy Rain nude scene

Some HD in-game footage from the recent playstaion 3 release, Heavy Rain showing one of the main characters “Madison” stripping off, taking a shower and then performing a user controlled pee. Heavy rain could be labeled an interactive drama that was created by a French developer. Has anyone played the full game who would like to comment. Is it the future of interactive storytelling?

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