This useful list was first posted at is the premiere source for all of your needs regauding General Resources list for Unity3D and the Unity Scripting. They have many more general Unity related resources that will help all developers using the Unity game engine.

  1. Unity iPhone Newbie Guide
  2. iPhone Getting Started with the UnityRemote from the Unity 3D Wiki is indispensable- this is a very detailed introduction to getting your Unity App for iPhone and Unity Remote Running
  3. Penelope- Unity iPhone Demo at the Appstore
  4. Certificates and Provisioning and Unity Remote How it worked for me
  5. Unity3D Features -iPhone Publishing
  6. Unity3D iPhone Enhancement- adds many features to the Unity iPhone Toolkit including keyboard and access to the camera
  7. Unity3D  iPhone Examples – from the Unity web site with source code
  8. a Cocoa based front end for Unity3D  iPhone Applications- from the team over at Blurst
  9. Found via Unity3D Newbie Guide 4 Lessons so Far
  10. iPhone Getting Started with UnityRemote- from the Unity Wiki
  11. My UnityRemote tag archives
  12. Unity3D and the iPhone SDK- from authors of Unity3D for Flash Developers series and the Unity3D Cheat Sheet
  13. Unity3D for iPhone -My thoughts from Unity3D Zero to Hero
  14. Developing for the iPhone -video and slides from Unite 2008
  15. iPhone Touch Phase Mini Tutorial
  16. How to put a custom Icon in your Unity iPhone App- Forum discussion – The Utility Build Script that they mention is listedbelow
  17. Unity3D iPhone Pong example project- w/ sample code
  18. Unity3D iPhone Touch Animation Tutorial
  19. Three Thing to Remember-iPhone/Unity3D advice from
  20. Smooth Out iPhone’s Accelorometer- via
  21. Application Verification Failed- No UnityRemote Love
  22. Vector art for Unity3D iPhone Developers- from
  23. iPhone Easy Button Handling- from the Unity Update Method -via
  24. Performing an Ad-Hoc Distribution build with Unity3D iPhone- building for beta testers
  25. UV Animations in Unity3D iPhone
  26. 0xE800003A ApplicationVerification Failed- from Codebreaker
  27. Limitations of Unity3D  iPhone- from the Unity3D forums
  28. Unity3D iPhone Development forum
  29. Unity3d iphone unityremote Newbie Guide
  30. My Unity3D iPhone/ UnityRemote Delicious Links
  31. error 0xE8000036 – this means the app that you are trying to install has already been installed- Uninstall application by going to the phone home screen and holding down on the icon until they jiggle and the little “x” shows up in the upper right hand corner- click the “x” (duh!”)
  32. Unity3D iPhone Build Script- For keeping your custom icon and if you have the pro version splash screen.  If you get an Error about the Editor then you’ll need to right-click and reimport the iPhone Build Script script in your project folder
  33. FingerManager Script for iPhone Touch handling
  34. iPhoneTextureImportSettings- Util from unify wiki
  35. FirstPerson Controller Script implemented  for the iPhone from unity forums
  36. Wrangling GUIs with Unity iPhone From GTProductions
  37. UnityiPhone on Mahalo
  38. Finger dodge Source – From unity community
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